Hello Kids!
My name is Captain Kelp and me and my friends are going to tell you about diving and how you too can go diving. Diving is a very cool sport. Maybe you have been watching TV and see people going under water with bottles on their backs and things in their mouths, while swimming with red, blue and yellow fish, or even with dolphins. And I’ll bet you would like to try that too some time, right? And you can, of course!
If you are Ages 7-11 old, you can become a SCUBA RANGER. Together with other kids you can go diving for real in a swimming pool, just like the grown-ups you have been watching on TV. So with a real cylinder on your back and a mouth piece in your mouth, through which you can breathe under water. Isn’t that cool?
A real diver teaches you how you can breathe under water and how you can stay at the bottom of the swimming pool. So you wont have to go up for air all the time! And if you put on fins and a mask you will be able to swim relaxed in the pool! This program takes place in the pool only. No open water diving is involved.

Once you understand how to breathe under water – and trust me, it is not that hard – you are going to perform all kinds of exercises, so eventually you can do more and more under water, but at the same time you will learn how to help other divers under water. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
Now, it sounds like you have to study a lot. But hey, it’s a lot of fun too! And once you have taken the oath, as a Demo Ranger you can become a member of the SCUBA RANGERS Club, a real diving club. Of course you can learn even more, like, for example, swimming under water with a compass. Or how to use a light in the dark. But, above all, the SCUBA RANGERS Club is a lot of fun. And besides playing games in and under water, we also do a lot of other stuff that is related to diving. Like a visit to the aquarium for example, where you can see all these beautiful fish at close. And how would you feel about giving your classmates a demonstration? I’ll bet they all will be jealous of you!!! Probably they would like to be a real diver too, just like you!
The very best way to get your young diver certified. Classes meet daily 9am-3pm Monday through Friday for 2 weeks. Academic and pool work will be on site at LDC. Open water dives will be a combination of Lake Rawlings and boat dives on the Miss Lindsey.

Students must provide basic personal equipment to complete the open water certification. Personal equipment consists of mask, fins, booties, weight belt, weights, snorkel, hood, and gloves. We have packages set up for any budget for your convenience!

Become a Scuba Ranger

It’s easy. Scuba Rangers is for any active kid age 8 to 12. You must have basic swimming skills, be comfortable in the water, and be in good health. You can become a Scuba Ranger in five steps. During each step, you will learn skills and obtain the knowledge you need to become a true Scuba Ranger. These are the steps:

Step 1 Red Ranger – You will be able to show how good your swimming skills are and you will learn how to snorkel with a mask, a snorkel and fins. Furthermore, you will be able to demonstrate how to help other children. But the most important thing is: having fun!

Step 2 White Ranger – Your instructor will tell you everything you need to know about your diving equipment. What is it for and how to use it? And then you go into the pool with your equipment!

Step 3 Blue Ranger – You will learn new diving exercises in the pool. Like, how to float in the water. Can you believe that? You don’t drop to the bottom, but you don’t go up either!

Step 4 Silver Ranger – Together with the other children you play cool games under water while wearing your diving equipment. And this way you’ll practise all the diving techniques you have learned before.

Step 5 Demo Ranger – If you are ready, you can show your parents, your brothers and sisters, and all of your friends what you have been learning. They will admire you for it!

After completing each step, you will receive a reward: you will get a ribbon around your snorkel, so all the other kids know that you already have accomplished a lot. Being a Demo Ranger makes you very special, and after you have taken the oath you are a true Scuba Ranger.
As a Demo Ranger you can become a Scuba Ranger Club member. This is a club especially for you, which enables you to do a lot of fun things and of course you will continue diving in the pool. For example, you can learn what the name is of that beautiful fish you saw on TV. Or, how to search for an object under water in the swimming pool. Some Scuba Rangers go to the aquarium together or go see a movie about diving. You can think of so many fun activities which are related to diving!
And you know what the best part is? If your classmates, or maybe even your parents, see and hear from you how much fun diving can be, they might want to try it too!

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