Mating Squid Video From LDC Cayman Brac Trip June 2016

by / Wednesday, 06 July 2016 / Published in Entertainment

Who likes Caribbean Reef squid? Check out this encounter from our recent group trip!

“We came across a pair of squid while diving in Cayman Brac while on a dive trip with Lynnhaven Dive Center. They were very engaging and didn’t seem to mind our presence at all. The female squid even allowed Kathy a close encounter of the cephalopod kind. What we thought was the female looking for food, was actually her laying eggs. Their playful encounters with each other were of the promiscuous kind…this played out over the course of an 80 minute dive. We finally realized what was happening once Kathy checked out the spot that the female kept returning to only to see the eggs she had just laid. Fertilization is immediate and the process kept repeating itself (might still be but we did have to return to the boat)”
Thank you Susan Sarrett for sharing this great video!


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