Frequently asked Questions about Learning to Dive

Do I need to be a strong swimmer to learn how to scuba dive?
You must know how to swim and float/tread water for your safety. There is a swimming assessment at the beginning of the first pool session; it must be a continuous swim without stopping but there is no time limit or stroke requirement. If you are not comfortable with your swimming ability, we offer swimming instruction. These lessons are conducted in our heated, private pool.

What is the minimum age to become scuba certified?
The minimum age for enrollment in the SSI Open Water Diver course is 10 years old. Children complete the same course as adults but receive a Junior certification until they turn 15 and can receive a Junior Advanced Open Water certification at the age of 12. .

What equipment do I need for my Open Water certification class?
We provide all the equipment you need for your pool sessions, including mask, fins and snorkel. By the time, you are ready for your open water dives, you will need your own SCUBA quality mask, snorkel, fins, booties, weight/weightbelt, (gloves/hood optional/recommended for local dives) for the Open Water portion of the certification course. All other scuba equipment is included in the cost of the class to include tank, BCD, regulator and wetsuit. Instructors and staff will help you choose the right equipment for you with personalized fitting sessions and expert guidance. Please let us help you.

Am I certified after taking the class and pool portions of my scuba course?
Not yet! You will need to complete your open water check-out dives after finishing your academic and pool sessions. 4 dives are required to complete the Open Water certification, 5 dives for Advanced Open Water, and 2 open water rescue scenarios are required for Stress and Rescue Diver. The number of required open water dives for specialty certifications depends on the specialty.

How long do I have after finishing the class and pool sessions to do my open water dives?
You have 6 months following the last completed segment of your training to complete your open water dives for your certification. This rule applies to all of our SSI courses that require open water certification dives. Lynnhaven Dive Center strongly recommends keeping your academic and pool training as close to your open water dives as possible.

What if I want to finish my open water dives in another location?
Your instructor will provide you with a universal referral form that may be taken to any other dive center worldwide to complete your 4 open water certification dives. Please note that the referral is only good for 30 days. Other dive centers will also charge a fee for the referral dives. It is your responsibility to obtain the referral in a timely manner and provide Lynnhaven dive center with contact information on the dive center you choose.

It’s been a while since I finished my class and pool training for my Open Water certification. Can I take a refresher course if I have not yet completed my 4 Open Water check-out dives?
Yes. You will need to set up a refresher course with us. Refreshers are very easy for our staff to schedule and your instructor will focus on those skills that you will be asked to perform throughout your 4 open water certification dives.

How much will it cost for me to do my 4 dives for my Open Water certification?
This cost will vary depending on where you choose to complete your dives. Frequent options are Miss Mackenzie local two tank boat dives ($110 per day), Lake Rawlings (about $40-60 per day), Florida Springs trips in the fall and winter, or other travel options.

Where can I find the releases and waivers I need to fill out BEFORE my class?
LDC has extra copies at the front desk that you can pick up or you can call and request a copy be emailed or faxed to you. are working to get them up on our website. You can visit our insurance companies site to see what waivers we are using

Even if you’ve taken courses/dove with us in the past, Lynnhaven Dive Center needs a new release each time you take a course/dive/trip with us.

What medical physical do I need to take an open water certification course or dive course?

Click on -Forms For Divers –Medical information –English

Download the pdf file named Guidelines Physical Examination RSTC. A physicians signature is required if you have a yes answer on page one.

I haven’t been diving in a long time, but I know my scuba certification doesn’t expire. Should I still take your refresher course?
Yes! Our scuba refresher courses are only 3 hours long and will greatly increase your confidence, safety, and enjoyment when you go on your dive vacation.

I lost my certification card. Can I replace it?
Yes. You can order a replacement directly online through the training agencies if you have a digital camera or our staff would be happy to take care of this for you when you stop by the dive shop. You can also use the SSI app on your smart phone.
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