02/10/18 – 02/17/18 – Cozumel Carnaval

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Ten kilometers/six miles off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula lies Cozumel, the “Island of the Swallows.” Barely 50 by 16 kilometers/30 by 10 miles, this diminutive island has become a popular scuba diving destination. Cozumel has all the ingredients for a great dive getaway – friendly locals, good food, lively nightspots, towering coral formations, warm water, great underwater visibility and white sandy beaches.

The Cozumel Carnival or Carnaval de Cozumel is one of the most important carnaval festivities in México. It has been celebrated as a tradition beginning from the
late nineteenth century and fills Cozumel’s streets with parades. It begins the week before Mardi-Gras in February. Cozumel’s Carnaval is a tradition which has been
passed down through many generations that celebrates a mixture of cultures that escaped to the warm embrace of Cozumel. Dating back to the mid 1800s, Cozumel
Carnaval was started by young people dressed in vibrantly colorful costumes known as “Estudiantinas” or “Comparsas”, who expressed themselves in the streets
of Cozumel through the art form of dance, song, and fantasy.

Further details are in our flyer (click to download).

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